The Corona crisis has us all firmly under control, the economy is suffering, the sick are suffering even more, people are dying and the number of infected patients worldwide is increasing by 40,000 every day. Currently, nearly half a million people around the world are reported infected with the Corona virus. Many, many people put themselves in danger at work every day in order to at least, halfway maintain public life. So the question arises: how long can this continue. Of course, as organisers of personnel fairs, we are affected by the situation and no one dares make a statement regarding the future. So we have to continue to live with insecurity and some with fear.

But instead of putting our hands in our lap and waiting for a better time, we want to use our energy to help combat this crisis. Please purchase on our website: our ‘Corona – stay healthy’ logo, for the symbolic price of one euro and please share our link to your social networks, business media or regular email correspondence. You can include the logo on your website or download it as a printable version for brochures. Of course, the signet is at your disposal. I hope and look forward to a great deal of solidarity from you. We will make the proceeds of this action available to the Corona-Research and Corona-Help. Greetings, have a nice weekend and: stay healthy!